Module 6: Walking the Walk of Love, Lover, Beloved

We align our mind and heart and truly embody the understandings brought through this process by choosing how to live and respond to people and circumstances in our life, with a meditation, exercises and journaling.

6-1 Review/Preview
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You have now looked at yourself as Love, Lover, Beloved. You have taken the leap into your subconscious, had a look at your “shadow” and how people and circumstances in your life have been key players on your journey to wholeness.


Meditation – Action
Our actions when taken in the context of conscious choice and decision, in alignment with our inner guidance and intuition, constitute the most active aspect of our consciousness. They serve to activate the mechanisms of creation. Our actions are our consciousness made manifest in the material world.


6-2 We Create Reality
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Now it is time to walk the walk. We will now give you a tool that goes beyond our soul’s journey. The 7 A’s of Consciousness – 7 aspects of our consciousness which begin with the letter A and determine our frequency, vibratory rate, and thereby our reality.



6-3 The 7 A’s of Consciousness
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We have written these 7 A’s into a sentence that one can memorize and then use as a reminder for how we can live day-by-day, hour-by-hour and create the reality of our choice.

Exercise – The 7 A’s of Consciousness


6-4 Conclusion
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We trust you have benefited from this course in many deep and challenging ways and invite you to go further and explore with us in depth the conscious loving abundant nature of the universe.


6-5 Journal
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Please take a look at all the journaling and assignments in Modules 2 – 5 and see how this process has served you and your relationship to others and the circumstances in your life. Has this merely been a one-time exercise or will it be foundational for your perspective on your life as it unfolds now and in the future? Please Journal on this question.

Module 5 – Seeing the Gifts and Challenges of Intimate Relationships

Wrap-up and Special Resources