THE AMERICAN EVOLUTION: Voices of America DVD Series

By Connie Baxter Marlow 

Introducing Ideas/Information Heretofore Misunderstood or Unavailable in Human Understanding.

America has yet to bring its most important gifts to the table of human consciousness.  There is information and vision that has yet to be integrated into daily action, and can be found in the worldview of the Native peoples of the Americas, the Transcendentalists of Concord, Massachusetts and the Founding Vision of this country as articulated in our freedom documents: The Mayflower Compact, The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.

This series presents threads of Universal Truth held in the heart and knowing of all of humanity. It challenges America and Americans to become those great truths as articulated in our documents of freedom and democracy. It has been titled “The American Evolution,” acknowledging the process of evolution from the articulation of truth to the walking of truth in everyday life, and America’s role in this process.

The five parts of the series introduce the following concepts that are currently missing in the prevailing paradigm, an understanding of which will enable humanity to realize its fullest potential as loving beings, living in balance on Earth:

  • The conscious, loving, interconnected nature of the Universe
  • Respect for and trust in the autonomous, sovereign nature of the individual through recognition of humanity’s intrinsic higher nature
  • Humanity aligning with its highest conscience leading to profound balance, freedom, abundance and peace coming on Earth through true democracy
  • Discovery of the keys to freedom and peace carried in and communicated through the land known as the Americas.

Featuring significant voices in America:

Henry David Thoreau through Interpreter Richard Smith

Bradley P. Dean, Ph.D – The Late Visionary Thoreau Scholar/Editor

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf – Author/Founder of Asma Society-NYC

Kyriacos Markides – Greek American Sociologist/Author

Arnie Neptune – Penobscot Tribal Elder

Barbara Beckwith – Penobscot Tribal Elder

Connie Baxter Marlow – Author/Photographer/Mayflower Pilgrim Descendent

Producers/Directors:  Connie Baxter Marlow & Scott W. Snare

Editor:  Brett Amick

View “Realizing Freedom,” a 13-Minute Documentary Short and Preview to the 5-Part Series.

It is an inspiring look at the individual’s role in the evolution of freedom and democracy.

This documentary series takes a perspective not commonly seen on American history through the Mayflower Pilgrims, Henry David Thoreau, a Native American Elder and an American Muslim Imam, and makes some bold statements, inspiring the viewer to actualize the founding vision of a great nation.

View Realizing Freedom


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