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“Transformation Through Trust” with guest AumRak Sapper, Maya wisdom carrier. Video 1 hr. ARISE Music Festival August 4, 2018.

“The Power of Love. Accessing the Trust Frequency. Indigenous Cosmology Meets Quantum Science.” Video 1/12 hrs. Tribalize Summit lll. Sunrise Ranch, CO July 8, 2018. Experiential.

“Transformation through Trust. Healing the Split in our Psyches. Moving from Victim to Beloved.” Video 1 1/2 hrs. Workshop 2 hours. Sunrise Ranch, CO August 11, 2017. Experiential.


Liberty, Justice, Abundance for All. It’s up to US. The History and Future of the United States.” Connie Baxter Marlow and Barbara Marx Hubbard. Video. Sunrise Ranch July 1, 2018. 17 minutes.

The Baxter Legacy: Alignment with Indigenous Values. Audio. Unity of Greater Portland, Maine 30 min. 9.24.17

“Civil Disobedience, Spiritual Activism and Higher Law” Multi-Media. Thoreau Society Bi-Centennial July 11-16, 2017. 1 1/4 hrs w Q&A

“The Conscious Loving Abundant Universe and Humanity’s Place in It”  Sunrise Ranch March 8, 2017. 1 hour.

“Consciousness Creates Reality with Ivan Tse Opening Remarks” Global Friends Symposium on Chinese/American Collaboration for Climate Action “Towards an Ecological Civilization.” The Asia Society, NYC. October 20, 2016. 14 minutes.

“Consciousness Creates Reality Power Point Slide Show” Global Friends Symposium on Chinese/American Collaboration for Climate Action “Towards an Ecological Civilization.” The Asia Society, NYC. October 20, 2016. 6 minutes

“Paradox Resolved: Healing the Split in the Human Psyche.” 2016 ISSSEEM Conference. Unity Village, MO. September 23, 2016. 1h talk. 30 min Q & A.

“Thoreau, The Pope and The Indian. A Shared Vision.”  Multi-media. Thoreau Society Annual Gathering. Concord, MA July 6-10, 2016. 1 hour.

“America’s Forgotten Origin Story: A Time of Synthesis”  Maryland Mayflower Society Compact Day Dinner November 22, 2015 45 min.

Change Your Assumptions and the World Changes with You. Aspen Chapel Wellness Program, Aspen, CO September 28, 2015 – 1 1/2 hour w Q&A.

ARISE Music Festival 2015 Wisdom Council Highlights with Bethany Yarrow (singer/spiritual activist), Gitz Crazy Boy (actor/activist), David Karchere (spiritual leader), Connie Baxter Marlow (author/filmmaker) and Xiuhtezcatl Martinez (youth activist), moderated by Stefanie Spear (environmental activist). August 8, 2015 – 20 minutes

“THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Indigenous Cosmology meets Quantum Science” Institute of Noetic Sciences Conference Spotlight. Chicago July 26, 2015 – 20 minutes.

“Mystical Man, Mystical Mountain: Thoreau, Katahdin and the Transformation of Consciousness” Thoreau Society Annual Gathering, Concord, MA July 12, 2015 – 1 hour w Q&A.

“Healing the Split in the Human Psyche” Unity Village Chapel (Unity Headquarters) June 14, 2015 20 minutes. To view on The Trust Frequency YouTube Channel Click HERE.

“SHIFTING FREQUENCIES: Indigenous Cosmology Meets Quantum Science” Highland City Club, Boulder, CO complete with power point and Wallace Black Elk clips May 25, 2015  1 hour w Q&A

“SHIFTING FREQUENCIES: Indigenous Cosmology Meets Quantum Science” Eagle Quetzal Condor Global Convergence Sedona, AZ. with Lakota Song April 18, 2015 1 hour

“Good News about the First Thanksgiving: The First Fifty Years and the Transformation of Consciousness.” Highland City Club. Boulder, CO November 25, 20141   Power Point. 1 hour with Q&A

The Trust Frequency, First Thanksgiving, First Fifty Years and Indigenous Cosmology Expanding Awareness Radio with Victor Venckus. WZBC Boston. Three Interviews Fall 2014. YouTube.

“Trust, Providence, Pilgrims, Indians and the American Dream” CBM at Dana Hall School, Wellesley, MA June 14, 2014  Written Talk

“The Trust Frequency: Gateway to Heaven” Consciousness of Immortality Conference, Sedona, AZ April 12, 2014 10 minutes

“Christianity and the Trust Frequency” Part 1. A Trialogue with Pastor Jane Keener-Quiat and authors Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron Bailey. Aspen Community Church, Aspen, CO.  An exploration of perennial truth that lie at the foundation of all religions and the essence of Christianity found in the book “THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm” for practical application in the 21st Century. October 14, 2013

The Trust Frequency Trialogue: The Only Way Out Is UP! The authors with visionary climate change strategist Sally A. Ranney, who wrote the Foreword to The Trust Frequency book. Aspen, CO, 3.29.13


“Women’s Spaces” – Insightful TV interview of Connie Baxter Marlow by Elaine Holtz. July 31, 2013

Living Dialogues: “Bridging Indigenous and Modern Cultures” Interviewed by Duncan Campbell.  March 10, 2013 1/2 hour.

Accessing the Trust Frequency  Interview with Surya Kramer at C.A.S.T. Calling All Societal Truths. 2010. 25 minutes.


The Millionaire’s Quest with Dr. Jen Furcht. YouTube  “Abundance is our Birthright” February 2018

You Can Heal with Corrina Steward. YouTube Accessing the Trust Frequency for Vibrant Health September 2017

Earth Day 2016 with Nathan Crane .“Joining the Earth’s Ascendance into Abundance: Accessing the Trust Frequency”   April 22, 2016.


“Expanding Awareness” Interview on THE FIRST FIFTY YEARS Project. WZBC Boston. 11.18.17
1 hr including call in questions. YouTube.

Prophecy Keepers Radio Interview THE FIRST FIFTY YEARS Project with Will Blue Otter. 11.12.17

Living in the Trust Frequency Interview with Sheri Herndon – Heart of it All.  9.28.17 –  55 minutues

Prophecy Keepers Radio Interview with Will Blue Otter and Mayan Birth chart reader Mark Borcherding  – Entire Interview 7.19.14

Prophecy Keeperz Interview 7.19.15 (edited) on Sound Cloud.

Top-Line Economics: Shifting Frequencies for Prosperity. Quantum Business Insights with Olivia Parr-Rud. Voice America Business Radio 7.3.15

“Trust, The Indigenous Worldview, Science and Peace on Earth” with Don Patricio Dominguez. People’s News Live Radio Direct: Eagle Quetzal Condor Global Convergence. Interview: 2.4.15

The Trust Frequency, First Thanksgiving, First Fifty Years and Indigenous Cosmology Expanding Awareness Radio with Victor Venckus. WZBC Boston. Three Interviews Fall 2014. YouTube.

“Challenge your assumptions of Reality”  Soulstream with Rev Kristin Powell. Unity Online Radio.

“Do you Trust that a Loving Universe has your Back?”   Interview with Dr. Julie Krull. The Dr. Julie Show 1.17.14.

“Trusting a Loving Universe” Interview with Justine Toms. New Dimensions Radio . 8.2.13

Expanding Awareness with Victor Venckus and Werner Grundl. Interview on WZBC Radio,  Boston. YouTube video filmed by Julie O’Neil. June 15, 2013

Shifting to the Trust Frequency: New Paradigm Consciousness Interview on “Awake in the Dream” BlogTalkRadio that was called a “game changer” by a listener. Please be patient at the start of the show – there was a brief technical snafu which rapidly got fixed! 3.20.13

The American Evolution and the Trust Frequency Connie Baxter Marlow interviewed by Steve Bhaerman a.k.a. Swami Beyondandanda on Heartland Security – One World Puja Network. “We don’t need a revolution in America. We’ve already had one, thank you. What we need now is an American Evolution, where we evolve into the leaders our Founders dreamed of.” Swami Beyondananda

It’s a Conscious, Loving Universe! Interview on HeartRising Radio, England,  February 2012

“Our Core Beliefs Create our Reality” Interview with Stephen Fantl on Peace Portal Radio 2010


Exploring The Trust Frequency. Grassroots TV Aspen, Colorado July 2017. Interviewed by Hinton Harrison on “Lifestyles of the Poor and Unknown.

The Trust Frequency. Co-Creators Convergence interview with Noel Marshall and Bob Warner:
Sedona, Arizona 9.7.13.

The Trust Frequency: A Conversation The authors interviewed by Theresa Johansing on Santa Cruz Community television. April, 2012

The Changing Paradigm” Connie Baxter Marlow with Dr. Patricia Hill. Grassroots Television, Aspen, CO Late 90s.

ARTICLES (About and By)


“The Trust Frequency” New Hippie Blog October 7,2017

“The Art of Life”  Enjoy Beauty International. Issue 4. February 2015

Letters to the Editor

Old Colony Memorial Newspaper, Plymouth MA

“The Path to Peace and Prosperity” November 22, 2017

“The Path to True Unity Peace and Freedom” November 19, 2017

“A Time of Synthesis” November 21, 2015

“Thanksgiving: Past and Present” A Time to Celebrate and a Time to Mourn November 25, 2014

“Follow the Lead of the Mayflower Pilgrims” December 3, 2013

“Inspiring Leadership, Bridging Cultures” November 25, 2008

“Lessons of History” November 25, 2007

Article: Plymouth Story Inspires Arizona Students” April 23, 2008


Sally A. Ranney Keynote for American Renewable Energy Day Conference 2017: “Presence in the Future of Now.”

Sally A. Ranney Texas Earth Day Keynote 2016

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