About Andrew Cameron Bailey

Andrew Cameron Bailey is a filmmaker, photographer, inventor and author. He is a visionary thinker in the realms of human evolutionary potential and climate restoration. He has university degrees in literature, anthropology and chemical engineering, and has lectured in chemistry and mathematics at the college level. He is the founder and CEO of Sacred Earth Enterprises, an ambitious for-profit startup with a global vision. With a small but passionate team, he has developed a rapid-deployment solution to the climate crisis. The venture sets out to help Paris Climate Agreement signatories to fulfill their carbon-reduction obligations and to reach their Sustainable Development Goals. He is co-author of “The Trust Frequency: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm,” author of the historical mystery novel “The Mayflower Revelations” and director of the films “In Search of the Future: What do the Wise Ones Know?” and ” Seeds of Freedom: A Vision for America.”