The Dance of Souls

Connie and Andrew apply The Trust Frequency paradigm to the evolutionary aspect of relationships in their online course “The Dance of Souls: The Relationship (R)Evolution.”

Are you ready for The Big Flip? From victim to Beloved, from anger and blame to gratitude?
Change your assumptions and the world changes with you!

Shifting Frequencies is what’s up NOW! Here are some tools for going deep and releasing lower vibration energy. The Earth is moving into higher frequencies and we have work to do to keep up with her!

Join us in the  Cameron/Baxter Online School to experience the gift of “The Dance of Souls.” It’s an exploration into conscious relationship with self, others and the Universe through an evolving understanding of the nature of Unconditional Love. See the purpose of The Dance of Souls for mirroring our light and shadow on our journey to wholeness, self-love, alignment with our divinity and true purpose as we walk in absolute trust of a conscious loving Universe.

Also available on Humanity Stream +  Humanity’s Team Masterclass Platform. Explore the class HERE. There is a 7-day free trial subscription.

Here’s a link to Connie and Andrew’s conversation about the course with Steve Farrell of Humanity’s Team during the June 25, 2021 ACCELEBRATION.

We apply The Trust Frequency principles to relationships!

• What do our core assumptions have to do with the reality we experience?
• What determines the quality of our relationship with self, others and the Universe?
• How do we change our frequency and thereby our reality?

In this course you will: Learn about the gifts of challenging relationships and will make The Big Flip – the shift to Beloved from victim, to gratitude from blame, shame and anger. Examine repeated behaviors and triggers that show you what’s hidden in your subconscious. Bring your true gift to the party of life – YOU!

This is The Dance of Souls!

To access the construct on the nature of the Universe that we base this course on, download the free ebook: “THE CONSCIOUS LOVING UNIVERSE: A Guidebook” at

The course includes FREE access to the online version of THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm.

To experience Dance of Souls workshops and talks see below:

“The Dance of Souls: The Relationship (R)Evolution” Zoom/Live – Part 1 – Introduction Aspen, CO. Video 1 1/2 hrs. February 1, 2020. Part 2 – Exercises.

Dancing the Dance of Souls in The Trust Frequency. Social Chrysalis Roundtable/Raising the Vibe. 1.20.21 90 min w Q & A

The Trust Frequency Embodied/The Dance of Souls – 35 weeks. Monday Night Class.
Connie, Andrew and Wowza Elisa Lodge.