The Book

THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Ten Assumptions For a New Paradigm presents a unique synthesis of indigenous cosmology, quantum science, and Eastern and Western mysticism, in a very readable, entertaining manner. We unveiled a signed limited-run first edition of the book at the October 2012 Science & Non-Duality Conference in San Rafael, California. The official publication date was December 21st, 2012.

“Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and brilliance. I love The Trust Frequency! Great work!”
Barbara Marx Hubbard, PhD, futurist. Founder, Foundation For Conscious Evolution.


The book is based on the premise that humanity is running on a fear-based, out-dated, erroneous operating system – the set of unquestioned core beliefs that we inherited from our ancestors, including Newton, Descartes and Darwin; the reductionist-mechanistic view of the universe, the bleak Cartesian paradigm.

Thanks in large part to quantum physics and native wisdom, we now know that the model of reality that drives the “civilized” world is limited, incomplete, and in many ways just plain wrong. It has resulted, inevitably, in the conflicted world we see today. What can we do about the situation? What is the “true nature of the Universe?” Is it possible to upgrade our operating system?

The Trust Frequency  book answers all of these questions. It offers a coherent, positive and accurate set of fundamental assumptions, a world-view, a paradigm, that places us firmly in Nirvana, Heaven-On-Earth. Right here, right now!

BUY THE TRUST FREQUENCY  BOOK and get a link to our uplifting film IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE. This inspiring information will help you move out of fear, scarcity and doubt and into love, trust and abundance. This is ultimately what the 2020 consciousness shift is about!

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