This page features “true trust tales” submitted by our friends.

By Tammy Hashey

Approximately three years ago I became cognizant of my own vibrational frequency and when my being was attempting to rise to a higher vibration.  Now that I understand the process and the physical effects associated, I see times throughout that I have changed frequency.

My vision and hearing are very connected to my frequency.  I was born with extreme hearing and vision. I can hear many conversations going on at once, things that nobody would expect me to hear (so be careful what you say around me ;).  It has been painful in many ways throughout my life with loud music, loud voices, base, vibrations, etc.  If it hurts a dog’s ears, it hurts mine.  I also have a different magnetic/electric dynamic going on since I was a very young child.  Time has always been a difficult concept for me and learning it as a child took some effort.  My mother had me wear a watch so I would know the time.  She bought many and all of them worked for a week or two and then quit.  Electrical devices never lasted long around me and I shocked everything and everyone I touched.  Electric fences didn’t hurt when I grabbed onto them, which I did often.  Cell phones still have a very short shelf life with me.   I didn’t know exactly how this was tied into my vibration but I knew it was.

As far as my vision, I could see so clearly for such a distance that it amazed my family.  We played a game when traveling where we would pick a word and whoever spelled it first from the road signs would win.  I was the youngest sat in the back of the station wagon or back seat and I always won.  They wouldn’t even see a sign when I would call out the letters.  I also could replicate anything I had seen, like taking a snapshot and pulling it up in my mind.  I still can see many incidents from when I was a baby.  Almost like a panoramic camera looking out.  I have a very clear memory of my childhood up until around 13 when I started to categorize experiences like the Dewey Decimal system.  I could pull them when I needed or put them away.  I was extremely busy and living two or three different lives at all times.  I was given a wonderful memory that only seems to be altered by traumatic experiences and alcohol.  This vision included ghosts or spirits.  We had to move out of a house that we had lived in for a little over a year when I was 7-8 because my mother was afraid I was going to be killed by the two ghosts that presided there.  I was afraid I was going to die there also.

When I had just turned 12, I was diagnosed with migraines after passing out in school every day for two weeks.  This was at the peak of a two plus year period of substantial family death, loss, trauma and the determination that I needed to fend for myself and being alone might very well be this lifetime for me. During this period, it became very clear to my mother and grandmother that I knew things that I could have no way of knowing, all the time. Important things, unimportant things, anything I asked myself I could know the answer to.  Some of the answers were too big and sorrowful for me to handle at that age and many stages in my life. Often I didn’t ask the questions and the answers still came to me. This was when the migraines started and have been part of my life ever since.  I had an on-going relationship with my grandfather who died in an accident when I was nine and resided in the cemetery next to my house.  He guided and protected me throughout my school years.

I didn’t have many migraines again until I was in my early twenties.  Within the year of the start of my migraines, I noticed a change in my vision.  The eye doctor couldn’t find anything as my vision was off the charts in a positive way.  I felt everything became blurry after about 12 feet.  Fuzzy, especially people and living things, inanimate objects seemed to not be affected.  Sort of like the cloud that Pigpen from Charlie Brown had around him.  I tried to fix this by wearing glasses, which I still wear even though I have 20/10 vision.  It came to me three summers ago when my mother was having brain surgery that I was seeing aura’s all along.  I see, hear and feel energy and always have.  I believe we all have the ability to do this in our own way.  Our gifts are all different and how we process information and energy is differs with each individual.

This was a new beginning to fast tracking myself on my path of enlightenment and my life’s work.  It was when I made the choice of complete faith and fear of nothing that goes along with that faith.  A few days later I regressed 23 lifetimes in 5 days.  I needed this to understand my sensitivities with my senses, my fears and to clear all past-life energy and blocks.  I cleared a lot and came out of it with no fear and total Faith.

I had been working heavily on finding my path for a year and a half prior, with the help of many Guardian Angels that were brought to me, to teach and help me see again.  My cousin, Dr. Julie Martin, a chiropractor that taught me tapping, muscle testing and did Familial Constellational healing with me, along with lots of physical healing during a time of serious crisis in my life.  Kristen Melanson, my Reiki Master friend and energy healer who I call my Reiki Goddess, out of Newton, MA, who has brought me through reiki III, healed me in so many ways and taught me how to be on my path. Denise McGrath, a Channeler that runs my chiropractor’s office in Stratham, NH, whom I had no idea was anything but the office manager.  She has guided me to through my transition.  A psychic named Jett Sophia that I was guided to go meet in Guanajuato, MX in Spanish School.  Salandrea, a psychic and herbalist healer who owns The Mustard Seed in Epping, NH.  Now I meet someone daily that I am to help or is to help me.  Regardless whose turn it is, it helps us all heal this World and each other.

My first recognition of the process of myself changing vibrations came with Denise McGrath.  I was doing a lot of plane shifting back and forth.  I was having a hard time doing yoga and I was dizzy and seeing lots of stars.  This has been a pattern throughout my life since well before the migraines started.  I’ve been passing out since I was 8 years old.  Both Denise and Kristen helped me through this and would help me hold the higher vibration, with help from the Universe and my Guides.  Denise always told me that I have the power to do it on my own, with the Universe.

When I moved to Taos, October 5, 2012, I knew not a person here and I went inward as Kristen had told me I would, for the winter.  I lived on a ranch by myself.  I would have spells where I could do nothing but lay down, like I was being forced to fall asleep.  This was when I needed to clear and I would honor this need.  Clearing is rather intense for me.  I would know when I was trying to raise to a higher vibration as I would be plane shifting during yoga and any movement I may be doing.  I asked the Universe and my Guides for help as my crutches with Denise and Kristen were not available.

I have been using Intention Cards for the past three years that Jett Sophia designed and gave to me in Mexico.  One of the cards is Leap, which I never started pulling until last year when I moved here.  I started pulling Leap every time I was getting ready to rise to a higher vibration.  Now I know to prepare myself and ask for help when I pull the card.  Now I can rise to a higher level in a day’s time.  A year ago it took me a few days of plane shifting and going back and forth.  I hear the vibrational change in frequency and always have.  Each vibration sounds a little different and feels a little different.  When I want to meditate, sleep, clear or see something, I go into my head and become one with the vibration.  I can see the vibration and frequency that I am at in the air also.  It changes with every frequency a bit.  It’s almost like molecules or particles that move uniformly in the air.  Sunshine and fresh air make it much easier to see for me, but I can see it in the night sky or day sky.  I can also see a difference in the moon with different frequencies and color is more present.  Color with auras is enhanced with higher frequencies.

One of my stronger gifts has always been empathy.  I can feel what others are feeling.  This has helped me immensely in many ways, although it was a detriment many times in the past.  Now that I have a clearer view of the Universe, it only helps me and many others. It helps me in business daily.  I can feel and see others intentions.  If they are good, I can help further them.  If they are not good, I can help change their view.  I’ve watched many falter in life recently because they chose, while being given a clear road to good intention, the other road.  This is a time when only good intention will prosper with happiness, health, success and abundance.  This is especially true in business now.  If a business is not started with good intention or does not practice good intention, it will fall sooner than later.  This is part of the shift.

One of my gifts is good business acumen with great networking skills.  It is part of the path I came here for.  We can’t all be artists to change this world.  We need abundance of all skills.  There are many of us that are good at business and know the truth.  We have been very quiet up until now because it was hard to prosper in business models if we were in the old terms “Out There”.  Now is our time to come out for good, to rise to a higher vibration together, with all of our talents and gifts coming together, each bringing our piece of the puzzle to the table.

One of my jobs in life is to teach the business model that is built on good will and good intention with sound business practices and therefore is the most prosperous of businesses.  The paradigm of greed is being diminished by the paradigm of good will in business because good will creates more abundance than any of the past business models. This is the new paradigm.  Greed is to be eliminated by the joyous feeling of good will and the abundance that accompanies it.  This is my life’s work.  I welcome all to join with me.  One of my childhood nicknames was the Pied Piper.  I kept myself conscious of it as a young person, so as not to manipulate others free will.  Now that I know my exact intention and the outcome, I know why I was given the gift.  We are here to make THE DIFFERENCE, together.

I am a business consultant, specializing in hospitality.  I do hospitality training for businesses with their staff.  The message is about compassion, how we treat others, and how we choose to carry this into our everyday lives.   It spreads good energy and promotes higher vibrational frequencies.  I work with them, encourage them, teach them, respect them while giving them light and hope with a higher vibration.  This brings vision that how they live their lives affects all of our future.  They are part of the team.
Operationally I go into the business and examine their systems.  I help change and implement systems that can make the bottom line higher.  I help teach and train staff and build the business in areas I see can be expanded.  Part of my job and expertise is to make the businesses more profitable.

In the United States, more people are employed in the hospitality business than any other.  The people in hospitality have contact with more people than any other business. Therefore have a very high ability to affect others.  As we say in the restaurant business, “They press more flesh” than most.  The more we teach, train, and lead these people, the more the word will get out.  They are a main key to changing and healing humanity. They have come here to serve.  When we all come to serve, our world will be at peace. These are very important people, most of which are searching for the answers and their paths.

I am currently implementing my hospitality training program at Taos Ski Valley and building a business model that incorporates a tax-exempt soup kitchen, a restaurant and a Gluten Free wholesale bakery that will be housed in the same building with different store fronts.  This business model has good will, good intention, cost replacement businesses and will create healthy, organic food, which also helps raise our vibrations.
Tammy Hashey
Taos, New Mexico