By SALLY A. RANNEY, leading environmental and climate change strategist.

“Climate change has, unambiguously, put humanity on notice 
that we are on the cusp of great change, of making a critical choice 
about ourselves. Only collaboration at the global level will solve climate 
change, because it affects all human and natural systems. Nothing 
and no one will escape. This high level of collaboration can only 
take place if we let go of the tenets of the existing paradigm.”

(L- R) Connie Baxter Marlow, Sally A. Ranney and Andrew Cameron Bailey.

Authors Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron Bailey with Sally A. Ranney, center.

For more than three decades, while Connie Baxter Marlow has been on her unfolding journey to the Center of Reality, I have been toiling in the fields of environmentalism to save the genetic archives, and the last best places on Earth, and most recently to avert climate change.  Our paths crossed often in the early years, but less so as we each became more earnest in our endeavors, found partners, and our work took us around the world. But always, when we reached out to each other, it was as if we had had a cup of coffee just the day before. We discovered two old friends coming together in common cause – to understand the true nature of things and the evolution of human consciousness.

Ten years ago in a gathering of indigenous wisdom keepers at the Omega Institute in New York, Connie met her life-partner, writer/filmmaker Andrew Cameron Bailey. It was a match made in heaven, as is obvious once you begin reading The Trust Frequency. To Connie’s visionary Native American-oriented articulations, Andrew brought quantum science, a worldwide comparative religion perspective, and many decades of inner spiritual practice, not to mention the cosmology of the Bushmen of the Kalahari, the world’s oldest living people. This book is the result of that fortuitous meeting in 2003, as is their uplifting documentary film In Search Of The Future: What Do The Wise Ones Know?

As these ideas were evolving, it was essential for me to apply to ‘real life’ what might appear to many to be an esoteric exercise. I asked Connie, then Andrew, the same question year after year: “Where does the rubber hit the road? What are the practical applications of understanding the true nature of things, and how, really, does this make a difference in a person’s every day life?”

It became obvious to me as the years passed, that, even with all the progress conservationists and environmentalists had made, overall we were losing ground. Then, to vastly complicate matters, the accumulation of human-caused carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere now has us on a trajectory to a 4 degrees Celsius (7.6 degrees F) increase in the planet’s temperature. This is total anathema to most of life as we know it. We still have time to avert the worst impacts, if… and this is a very big ‘IF.’ An even more formidable question is: Why are we continuing to do this to ourselves and our children, now that we know what we are doing and understand the consequences of our actions?

The capital ‘IF’ means doing all the things we are now striving towards: limit emissions, get international treaties in place, push for aggressive political and economic solutions, and much more. But that is not enough, and at the end of the day, these measures will not accomplish what is needed, which is essentially saving ourselves from ourselves, and keeping our one and only home planet livable.
The answer to the capital ‘IF,’ and to the questions, is the same – we must change our existing belief system, and the resulting behavior, which has hypnotized us for centuries upon centuries. Those beliefs are underscored with core assumptions that have created a paradigm rooted in fear, doubt, guilt, scarcity, blame, competition and suffering. The products of this paradigm are war, violence, poverty, suppression of women and minorities, terrorism and radical religious fundamentalism, depletion and destruction of nature, nuclear weapons, pollution and the most daunting of all challenges in human history – climate change!

We have all heard about paradigm shifts, but where have you seen a guidebook that charts a path for how to actually shift a paradigm? This is the brilliance of The Trust Frequency. It is a courageous and tenacious navigation through the erroneous assumptions that created the existing planetary situation. It tells us step-by-step how to advance the process of conscious evolution by changing those assumptions and thus manifesting a different reality. We can create a world that each of us in our heart of hearts dearly wants to experience. The tenets of the new paradigm are:

1. Love, gratitude, trust, peace, collaboration, dignity, kindness, sharing, sustainability and abundance.

2. Restoring, respecting and replenishing nature.

Climate change has, unambiguously, put humanity on notice that we are on the cusp of great change, of making a critical choice about ourselves. A problem, as Einstein said, cannot be solved in the same consciousness in which it was created. In the case of climate change, one country, one community, or one technology cannot solve it. Only collaboration at the global level will solve climate change, because it affects all human and natural systems. Nothing and no one will escape. This high level of collaboration can only take place if we let go of the tenets of the existing paradigm. To do so, we have to dig deep into the root cause of humanity’s suffering and our unconscious, harmful actions against one another and Mother Earth. We are being called to explore and upgrade our current assumptions and belief systems, to understand ourselves and to awaken to the reality of the evolution of human consciousness; to find the “high road” to knowing our true nature, the true nature of the Universe, to heal our planet and ourselves.

In view of the above, the timing of this book is profound. The authors bring forth a deep understanding of the genesis of the consensus reality we humans have created in the world. And because change is inevitable, they make the case that a new way of being is inevitable. With free will, we have a choice to design the future. We can usher in an evolutionary leap in human consciousness – for which we have been preparing over the centuries, often by experiencing what doesn’t work!

Marlow and Bailey gently open the door to universal truths and awakened consciousness, introducing us carefully and methodically to our defective assumptions; the beliefs that have imprisoned us, limiting our experience of life, our full human potential, and our understanding of the true nature of things. Through deep subterranean inquiry and a synthesis of quantum physics, ‘original knowledge’ of the ancients, and the living wisdom of the indigenous peoples, they demonstrate that quantum physics is now confirming that consciousness is in all things, animate and inanimate, and that everything is connected in the Oneness, the undifferentiated consciousness. Everything. And, that separateness, differentiated consciousness, is merely one of the assumptions we have collectively agreed upon.

The Oneness Consciousness of Being is unconditional, unimpeachable, un-corruptible. It is the omnipresent creative Force and Source of the Universe, experiencing itself through trillions upon trillions upon trillions of manifest forms and the potentiality of the yet un-manifested. We are, like everything else, One with the creative Force and Source. We have the power to create our individual reality, and to co-create and participate in collective realities. We can create our experience of life deliberately or by default. The Universe doesn’t have a preference. It is up to me. It is up to you. It is up to us. After all, we humans developed both the nuclear bomb and the Mona Lisa, as a friend likes to remind me.

So, as conscious manifestations of the Oneness, what we choose individually or collectively, whether it is a thought about our partner, a good deed for a friend, or to go to war with a neighboring country, it is the level and refinement of our consciousness that matters. If the assumptions upon which we base our actions are erroneous, riddled with misbeliefs, fear and doubt, then that is exactly what will manifest in our world. The tricky part of all this is that our reality mirrors our assumptions. As the authors tell us, we have the power to create a catastrophe or a paradise, depending upon how refined our awareness is of the assumptions that hold us in place.

The Trust Frequency identifies the faulty, fear-based assumptions to which we have collectively subscribed, beliefs which fly in the face of the True Nature of the Universe, and which obscure the view of our own true nature. Connie and Andrew have shot a straight arrow directly into the heart of those false beliefs. Further, they have put forth a coherent new set of assumptions for creating the new world. They remind us that collective realities have more power than individual thought-forms, and a new collective reality, a new consensus, is called for at this critical time. Rich with explorations, explanations and history, The Trust Frequency is a must-read for anyone who wants to expand their understanding of human consciousness and potential – anyone who wants to shift their own life from fear to trust and to merge their “separate” ego with the Divine self.

I have come to the conclusion that a shift in the consensus reality is absolutely essential if we are going to really heal climate change. Climate change is a mirror of our present collective interior reality. If the authors’ new assumptions were embraced by the collective free will of society, the vibration of such positive thought forms would change the course of human history. This is a huge undertaking, but it is the only enduring solution. Buckminster Fuller, whom both Connie and I had the privilege of experiencing, said the best way to change a paradigm is to make the old one obsolete. It is not easy, as this book points out. But think about it like this: it wasn’t hard to leave behind telephone booths when cell phones became available, or typewriters when computers came on the market.

“Wisdom comes from the feet,” the Hopi say, referring to direct experience. The reality we experience depends upon our energetic field and our attitude, our world-view. We do have the choice to up-date our assumptions, to upgrade our operational software to the highest, most refined consciousness; to re-calibrate our personal frequencies, expand our understanding, and help create the emerging new way of being, at home, in business, and in the world.

And that is the clarion call of our time, the “Call to Arms,” arms that embrace the Earth with love, gratitude and respect; hearts that are open to the Oneness of all that exists, and each other, in trust, peace, harmony and abundance. With the guidance in this book, we can deliberately and consciously design the future we have always dreamed was possible. We don’t have to run on the fuel of fear any more. We can decide, through our free will, where we want to direct our attention. We humans created the world we live in, and we can re-create it.

Remember, all of the exciting changes and discoveries throughout history were at one time just beyond the edge of our awareness. What we discovered or created was already there! All we need to do is be persistent in our quest for discovery.

Sally A. Ranney, 
Aspen, Colorado

Sally A. Ranney is a true Renaissance woman: published author, public speaker, television anchor, gifted artist, pianist, composer, horsewoman, mother, wilderness guide, environmental activist, and green business strategist. She has dedicated her life to the search for a climate change solution, protecting the genetic archives of the planet, and securing conservation custody for millions of acres of wild places in the United States, Alaska, Chile, Argentina, Africa, and Canada. She worked closely with U.S. Presidents Carter and Clinton, and was appointed by President Reagan to serve on the Presidential Commission on Americans Outdoors.
Her experience spans thirty years in the areas of land, water and energy policy, biodiversity, wildlife protection, and climate change. A resource policy analyst for the Wilderness Society, she co-founded American Wildlands, serving as its President for twenty years.
Her accomplishments and honors are far too numerous to mention all of them here. For more about Sally Ranney, please visit her web site:

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