Most of us are familiar with the term “paradigm shift.” Many of us feel that a paradigm shift is long overdue, but what exactly is a paradigm? How do we shift it? Why would we want to? A paradigm, whether scientific, spiritual, or social, is simply an individual or collective belief system, a set of agreed-upon assumptions about a particular subject. The paradigm we address in this book is nothing less than the consensus reality that determines the world we humans experience, our collective world-view. Let’s ask ourselves: are we 100% satisfied with our existing reality, or could our lives (and our world) use a little improvement? Have we been running on an outdated operating system? Is it time for an upgrade? Is an upgrade possible? The authors think so.

We’d all like to be happier, more connected, more successful, more loved and more loving. Where do we begin? Here is the key. We can choose to shift our current paradigm by replacing some of our most fundamental assumptions about the nature of reality, by examining and modifying our core beliefs, and thus updating the world-view that drives our individual and collective existence.  This may not be easy, and it may not happen overnight, but it is possible. In fact it is already happening. This book offers powerful keys to the “shift” many predicted for the year 2012, the initial phase of conscious evolution, in which homo sapiens chooses, at last, to exercise its free will and awaken into a vastly higher, more peaceful, more loving, more abundant, more joyful existence, a world beyond dualism. What lies beyond the shift? Homo sapiens sapiens? Homo intelligentsia? The true human? Humanity 2.0? Happiness?
To find out, all each of us has to do is to change the one thing over which we have complete control … our own minds.

Welcome to the Trust Frequency, the vibratory realm where the soul’s destiny awaits, with more abundance, joy, beauty and peace than we can imagine.

As you read this book, you will:

• Gain a new perspective on the nature of the Universe.
• Uncover and replace core beliefs that stand in the way
of the evolutionary upward spiral to higher consciousness.
• Align with your own inner knowing.
• Discover that the laws that apply to you differ depending on your frequency, i.e. your state of consciousness.
• Learn about the role of free will, and your ability to
choose your frequency and thereby your reality.
• Accelerate on your personal “hero’s journey” to wholeness, wherever you are on that journey, and find yourself living in a conscious, loving Universe.


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