Module 5: Seeing the Gifts and Challenges of Intimate Relationships

We see that we incarnated to experience certain behaviors and wounds to accept and love ourselves and trust a loving Universe through understanding what creates our reality, with a meditation and journaling.

5-1 Review/Preview
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In this module we will look at what gifts will come to us when we choose to go where the brave dare not go –
into our deepest fears and insecurities!


Meditation – Alignment
“A position of agreement or alliance” with whatever it is that we have chosen to place our attention on. We have the freedom to choose to align ourselves with the highest vision of which we are capable. Or not.


5-2 Trusting a Loving Universe
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We can now see how challenging circumstances and people have advanced us on our journey to wholeness, we practice seeing ourselves as Love, Lover and Beloved.


5-3 Journal
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Write about your experiences with this process. Has it been successful in any way. Make a note of your inner shifts.

 Exercise – Journal


Module 4 – Internal and External Challenges

Module 6 – Walking the Walk of Love, Lover, Beloved