Module 4: The Internal and External Challenges

A look at our resistance to bringing hidden feelings about ourselves, shown to us by others, into the light for us to see and integrate and move beyond our mask into our true selves, with a meditation and journaling.

4-1 Review/Preview
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Let’s assess some circumstances, feelings and behaviors that brought you to this point in your life when you would like to go deeper than the shame/blame, victim/perpetrator game you have been enmeshed in with certain people in your life.


Meditation – Attention
By attention we mean the conscious focusing of our awareness on a particular object or subject. We have a great deal of control over the nature, focus and intensity of our attention. Depending on where and how we choose to focus our attention, we place ourselves in vibratory alignment with the subject of our attention.


4-2 Letting Go. Who Are We? What will People Do?
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Let’s first have a look at our internal challenges. Challenge number 1: Taking on new assumptions, any assumptions as ABSOLUTELY true, especially assumptions that challenge everything we’ve ever believed.


4-3 Journal and Exercise
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Please Journal about your fears of letting go and concerns for how others might respond.

Exercise – Journal PDF


Module 3 – Relationships: Repeated Behaviors, Feelings, Mask Creation, Defense Mechanisms

Module 5 – Seeing the Gifts and Challenges of Intimate Relationships