Module 3 – Relationships: Repeated Behaviors, Feelings, Mask Creation, Defense Mechanisms.

A deep look at relationships and upsetting behaviors that have plagued us our entire lives. Moving out of victim/perpetrator, shame/blame into the absolute loving nature of the Universe, with a meditation, exercises and journaling.

3-1 Review/Preview
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We have had a look at our fundamental assumptions and have accepted the worldview presented in this course as absolutely true for this process to have its desired transformational effect.


Meditation: Attitude
Our attitude, the stance we adopt toward any given subject, is almost entirely determined by our assumptions about that subject. It is virtually impossible to have a positive attitude concerning someone or something we hold negative assumptions about and vice versa.


3-2 Relationships and Behaviors
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Let’s look at repeating patterns that have been recurring throughout our lives.


3-3 Repeated Behaviors, Feelings, Mask Creation, Defense Mechanisms
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Let’s assess some circumstances, feelings and behaviors that brought you to this point in your life when you would like to go deeper than the shame/blame, victim/perpetrator game you have been enmeshed in with certain people in your life.

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Exercise — Personality Aspect – Demeaning to Others PDF

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Module 2 – Assumptions and Worldview

Module 4 – Internal and External Challenges