Thoreau the Futurist and the Emerging Human

A.K.A. Thoreau and Joe

Suggesting a humanity living in balance  – the evolutionary upward spiral.

A Theatrical Reading
by Connie Baxter Marlow

Set on the banks of the Allagash River after a long day’s paddle, with Henry David Thoreau and his Indian guide, Joe Polis sitting around the campfire, this performance piece will show you a Thoreau and the Indian he experienced. It will give you some ideas to ponder and suggest a synthesis from which we can all open to a larger reality and take the human potential up a notch to the place Thoreau dedicated his life to modeling. Readings from Henry David Thoreau’s Indian Notebooks and Journals.


YouTube: Performance: University of New England. August 17, 2012
Andrew Cameron Bailey is Thoreau, James Neptune is Joseph Polis, Thoreau’s Indian Guide & hero with Connie Baxter Marlow, commentator.

Also shown: “Thoreau and Indians” DVD Clips from “The American Evolution: Voices of America Series” Read Transcript HERE.

The underlying thesis of these presentations is that every human being is an embodiment of a larger force and has the capacity to connect with that force and through personal choice bring inspired action to pass in everyday life and transform the world as we know it.

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