Thoreau and Einstein: Science and the Cosmic Order

 Connie Baxter Marlow, host of the talk show “Mystics, Alive and Well” interviews Henry David Thoreau and Dr. Albert Einstein for the second time at the Thoreau Annual Gathering 2014 with this theatrical reading. She explores the two legendary men’s views on man’s understanding of the nature of reality.


Marlow brought Mr. Thoreau and Dr. Einstein together for the first time in history at the Thoreau Annual Gathering 2013 to discuss how mystical experiences had informed their lives and led them to be societal change agents of their times in her show “Thoreau and Einstein: Two Mystics Who Changed the World.”

The underlying thesis of these presentations is that every human being is an embodiment of a larger force and has the capacity to connect with that force and through personal choice bring inspired action to pass in everyday life and transform the world as we know it.

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