Intro to The Dance of Souls

Welcome to the Course

Connie and Andrew have been in The Dance of Souls for sixteen years. Connie shares her insights into the deep purpose of relationships gleaned over her lifetime. Andrew leads you through 8 Meditations based upon the 7 A’s of Consciousness – the 7 aspects of our consciousness which determine our frequency/vibratory level and thereby our reality. Together they offer a rich tapestry of information and experiences for this unique journey of self-discovery, healing and transformation.

Connie and Andrew Intro
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Meditation – Consciousness
Consciousness is the primordial manifestation of the energy of the Universe. It is literally beyond human comprehension. There is a vast spectrum of states of human consciousness, ranging from total anesthesia to deep sleep to the various levels of awake-ness, all the way up to the highest levels of superconscious “enlightenment.”


Module 1: Introduction to the Course and Facilitator Connie Baxter Marlow