Welcome to The Trust Frequency and the Conscious Loving University!

Please join us and others who are committed to bringing Heaven to Earth by acting in Trust of a Conscious Loving Universe.

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There’s a party going on and we’re all invited! See you there!!

Blessings, light and love,

Connie and Andrew


Join a growing community of like-spirited, like-hearted folks who resonate to a higher reality. We believe in the possibility of conscious evolution. Let’s exchange ideas and experiences. Let’s learn and grow together as we transition to the Trust Frequency, a higher state of Being,  accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Learn how to elevate your vibratory frequency.
Are you looking for a higher reality?
Peace? Love? Security? Wisdom? Community?
Freedom from fear?

What does the world look like from the Trust Frequency perspective?
How do I get there? What is the process? It’s not that difficult.
Join the Trust Frequency community and discover the answers.

Buddha lives in the Trust Frequency
Buddha lives in the Trust Frequency. You can too!

Take the high road to happiness!
Change your assumptions and the world changes with you! 

There’s a party going on and we’re all invited! See you there! What is the gift you promised to bring to the party? All of creation is awaiting your contribution.

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